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Thread: The origin of the Draghar?/Answered

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    Question The origin of the Draghar?/Answered

    i was just wondering how you came up with it, karen... the name, the idea.. was it based on an already existing legend? or was that 100% kmm? :)


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    Default 100% imagination. Made up sect, name and purpose. I

    might like to write more about it someday...

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    That would be interesting Karen, esp to see their origins and what not ;)

    lol wanna know what made me flip out in a public place once....there is a similar word. German, I believe.... I didn't know that until rereading The Forbidden Game: The Hunter by LJ Smith again recently and was on the scene where Julian is forcing Audrey to live her worst nightmare, and he dresses as the Erlking which was kinda hot, but when Jenny doesn't give in to him, Audrey and Dee are attacked by zombie like monsters and the book says (*finds the page*):

    "Oh, God, Audrey, what are they?" she choked out.

    Audrey's fingernails bit into Jenny's arm. "They're draugar. Living corpses. They've come for us. I-" She turned away, retching.

    (p 112. US 1994 ed.)

    yeah. I really did shout "OMG the draugar!" in the middle of the waiting room at Savannah Tire & Brake, waiting on my oil change last year. and I knew the spelling looked off, but at the same time that little place in my mind that associates things with other things I read was having a field day with it.

    ok that was slightly off topic but somewhat realted...

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    lol, I've done similar things, drives DH nuts. I get so caught up in books that I tend to forget (or just not realize) where I am, people are around me, or that I may be talking/laughing/gasping/shouting out loud!

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