Fever FAQ

I keep getting a lot of the same questions from readers about the Fever series, so I'm going to answer the most frequently asked ones here.

FAQ: How many books are in the Fever series and what is the order?

The Fever series consists of five books:


FAQ: What is the release date for Shadowfever?

The official release date is January 18, 2011. The sad news is--that's longer than I'd hoped for. The good news is that the book is much longer and we've got a ton of fabulous stuff planned between now and then for you all!

Highlander FAQ

FAQ: Will you write another Highlander novel?

I honestly don't know if I can write a straightforward romance in which the story revolves primarily around the romance again. There, I've said it. I know this will disappoint some of my fans but the romance alone wasn't enough to keep my muse happy. I need more than that in the stories I tell. So, if the question is will I ever write a book like my Highlander series again where the primary thrust is: woman meets man, complications ensue, woman loses man, reclaims man and has a HEA, the answer is probably not without a whole lot of other stuff going on, too.

That being said, I may find myself at some point in the future, dying to re-visit the Highlands again and totally in the mood to lose myself in love for no other purpose than love's sake.

I guess the answer is: no plans to write a straightforward Highlander romance right now but I never say never.

Remember, the Keltars figure prominently in the Fever series, and Christian will be getting his own play--just not the way I did it in my Highlander series. I need a little more nitty, gritty reality in his tale. He's becomes quite the complex man.


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