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FAQ: Will you write another Highlander novel?

I honestly don't know if I can write a straightforward romance in which the story revolves primarily around the romance again. There, I've said it. I know this will disappoint some of my fans but the romance alone wasn't enough to keep my muse happy. I need more than that in the stories I tell. So, if the question is will I ever write a book like my Highlander series again where the primary thrust is: woman meets man, complications ensue, woman loses man, reclaims man and has a HEA, the answer is probably not without a whole lot of other stuff going on, too.

That being said, I may find myself at some point in the future, dying to re-visit the Highlands again and totally in the mood to lose myself in love for no other purpose than love's sake.

I guess the answer is: no plans to write a straightforward Highlander romance right now but I never say never.

Remember, the Keltars figure prominently in the Fever series, and Christian will be getting his own play--just not the way I did it in my Highlander series. I need a little more nitty, gritty reality in his tale. He's becomes quite the complex man.

FAQ: Do your novels need to be read in any particular order?

I've been told by readers that the first five stand alone, however I believe the reading experience is richer if read in this order:

Beyond the Highland Mist
To Tame a Highland Warrior

The Highlander's Touch

Kiss of the Highlander

The Dark Highlander

The Immortal Highlander
The Spell of The Highlander

I have also been told that though Kiss and Dark stand alone-they're more satisfying if read in order.

FAQ: How are the Highlander novels connected?
Beyond the Highland Mist is the story of Hawk Douglas and Adrienne de Simone. Hawk's best friend is Grimm (a.k.a. Gavrael Roderick Icarus McIllioch). Adam Black makes his debut in this novel.

To Tame a Highland Warrior is the story of Hawk's best friend, Grimm and Jillian St. Clair. Although Adam Black is not overtly present here, he is responsible for the Berserkers.

The Highlander's Touch is the story of Circenn Brodie and Lisa Stone. Adam Black has a significant role in this novel.

Kiss of the Highlander is the story of Drustan MacKeltar and Gwen Cassidy. Though Adam Black is not overtly present, the Tuatha De' Danaan's role in things becomes clearer.

The Dark Highlander is the story of Dageus MacKeltar (Drustan's twin brother) and Chloe Zanders. It is Adam Black's interference in this story that causes the Queen of the Tuatha De' Danaan to punish Adam in The Immortal Highlander.

The Immortal Highlander is the story of Adam Black and Gabrielle O'Callaghan.

The Spell of the Highlander is the story of Cian MacKeltar (Drustan and Dageus' ancestor) and Jessi St. James.

FAQ: Who is the cover model on your highlander novels?

Nathan Kamp

FAQ: Do you plan to write the story of Duncan Douglas from The Highlander's Touch, or Quinn de Moncreiffe from To Tame a Highland Warrior?

At this time neither is currently in the works. That may change in the future.

FAQ: What about the two portraits of Dageus mentioned in Silvan's letter at the end of Kiss of the Highlander?

I wrote two versions of The Dark Highlander. In the first version, those portraits played a significant part. However, I wasn't satisfied with the way the story was unfolding, so about 250 pages into it, I chucked it in the trash and started over. And the portraits, oddly enough, found no place in the version I ended up liking.

Those portraits are currently stored in the attic of the original Keltar castle that is occupied by Christopher & Maggie MacKeltar, and their children. Hopefully, no Keltar will ever need to have them brought out again to remind them of the price of breaking a sacred oath.

FAQ: Where did you find the Druid binding vows that the Keltar twins exchange with their mates?
They are my creation.

FAQ: I noticed that physicist Gwen Cassidy originally worked for Triton Corp (before her Great Fit of Rebellion) the company that funded her research that nearly culminated in a weapon of mass destruction. I noticed also that The Belthew Building, the headquarters for the Druid sect of the Draghar, is owned by Triton Corp. What's going on here?

Back story for a future story.

FAQ: Which of your books are available in hardcover?

All of my books have been released in hardcover through book clubs such as Rhapsody, Doubleday, the Science Fiction book club, etc., however, when last I checked, they were completely out of Kiss of the Highlander and The Highlander's Touch.

FAQ: I heard the hardcover of The Immortal Highlander is not quite 300 pages. Is Adam's story shorter than your prior novels?

No. It's actually longer than To Tame a Highland Warrior and The Highlander's Touch and of equal word count to The Dark Highlander. Due to font size and page layout it filled fewer pages, but it's equally as long as my previous novels. I don't feel that I can adequately develop character and plot in less than 100,000 words or so, and will never attempt to, unless I'm writing a novella for an anthology.


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