The Book Case January 2011

Moning's final "Fever" book is here

By Eliza

Does today’s date—January 18, 2011—mean anything significant to you?

If you’re a Moning Maniac, then heck yes it does. It’s the release day of Shadowfever, the final book in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series!

If you’re a serious fan, you’re probably at Le Pavillion in New Orleans at the two-day Shadowfever launch party—Moning and her fans have been whooping it up since Monday.

Borders True Romance 2011

Setting: Dublin, Ireland; in the Unseelie prison; inside the White Mansion; beneath Jericho Barrons’ garage

Subgenre: Urban Fantasy/Romance

Hero: Yeah, right. I’ve been writing what’s turning into a small dissertation on that very topic. It’s like a Fever hairball I’m trying to cough up, LOL. I’ll probably post it at my website eventually. Here’s part of it: There are arguably no heroes in this series. With a minor twist of the lens, those who are perceived as the villains might have been viewed as the heroes, and the heroes might well be villains. It all comes down to who’s writing the press releases. I may eventually have to tell it from someone else’s point of view.

Times Picayune January 2011

Fantasy novelist Karen Marie Moning's maniacal fans descend upon New Orleans

Nobody can accuse Karen Marie Moning of tepid literary introductions.

"Death. Pestilence. Famine, " she declares as the very first words of "Dreamfever, " the fourth in her series of MacKayla Lane fantasy novels. A moment later she invokes "my fourth lover -- War, " slipping into a paragraph that carries its own spectacular resonance:

Borders True Romance August 2009

Dreamfever is in stores now! Readers are telling me this is her sexiest book yet! Stop by our Borders stores & pick up your copy today. Karen also has a special offer for you so don’t miss out! Happy Romance!

From New York Times bestseller Karen Marie Moning comes DREAMFEVER: the latest thrilling installment in the Fever Series featuring, sidhe-seer MacKayla Lane in her epic battle against the Fae. Author of the beloved Highlander Series, Moning has won multiple awards, including the prestigious RITA and AUDIE awards. She is the first author to ever release a Soundtrack based on a fiction series.

Romantic Times Book Club August 2009



As fans of Karen Marie Moning know, the author likes to keep readers on their toes. And that means secrecy- and lots of it- when it comes to what's ahead in the Fever series. Readers will only discover what happens to heroine Mac on Aug 18 when Dreamfever, book four in the Fever series, is released by Delacorte. (book three, Faefever, is out now in paperback.) Because we want to help keep you guessing about what's to come and build the anticipation of what we're sure will be an exciting read, we asked Karen to discuss Mac's journey and answer questions posed by her fans at the RT website,


"When can I get my advance reading copy of Dreamfever? If I had five dollars for every time I've been asked that lately, I'd buy myself a new car, LOL. Marketing the Fever series has presented a unique challenge, as Mac's tale unfolds over five books, with each of the first four installments ending on a cliffhanger of increasing emotional impact.

A Note About the Fever Series August 2007

Every now and then a writer gets a gift: a tale complete from beginning to end, wrapped up in a box, tied with a pretty bow, deposited on the doorstep of his or her subconscious. All that is required is a willingness to open the door, unwrap the box, release the world within and do your best to transcribe that world into word.

When the Fever series arrived on my doorstep I was shocked to find so much Thanatos in my Eros. I'd been writing romance novels for years, and had enjoyed every minute I'd spent with my Highlanders and the women who stole their hearts.

Borders Interview November 2006

Q. DARKFEVER is a notable title for several reasons: it begins a new series for you, it's written in the first person, and it contains, shall we say, fewer episodes of heavy breathing than your previous novel. We should probably address the most important issue first: Where's the sex? Will the series get sexier as it progresses (rumor has it your second book "delivers")?

A. Laughing here. I don't believe the most important issue is the sex. I believe a lot of readers are looking for the whole package: a fascinating story, mystery, secrets, sensuality, pathos, and sex. You'll find all of that and more in DARKFEVER, and the rest of the books in the series. The key thing to remember is that DARKFEVER is only the beginning of Mac's story. Because the FEVER series is a series , the pacing is different. Not the content. It's still standard KMM, just a different method of delivery. Is there sex in my new series? Yes. I think it's the best I've ever written. Does in take place in BLOODFEVER, the second installment? I'm sorry, but you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Romantic Times Book Club November 2006


Karen Marie Moning Follows Her Characters Down the Road Less Traveled—And Takes Readers Along for the Ride

Moning with her car, a silver version of the one character Jericho Barrons drives.

By Elissa Petruzzi

WE'VE ALL HAD nightmares that are hard to shake the next day. Karen Marie Moning's bad dream shook her up so much, she quit her day job in insurance litigation and started writing novels. "Right after I turned 30... I had a dream that I died. And in my dream, when I was dying, this huge voice said, 'Who lived the last 10 years of your life? Because you sure as hell didn't.' " she remembers. "I had all these things I wanted to do, and all these dreams I used to have, and here I was at 30 and I hadn't chased any of them. Within a matter of weeks I quit my job... and wrote every day." Four failed drafts later—which she burned after deciding "I never wanted them to see the light of day"—Moning wrote Beyond the Highland Mist , creating her much-beloved Highlanders and hitting upon a series franchise that has catapulted her onto the New York Times bestseller's list.

Writers On Writing November 2006

by Eileen Putman

Paper clips and immortal Scottish warriors helped put this author on the bestsellers lists...

Eileen Putman: Your Highlander books feature Celtic heroes and modern-day heroines brought together by time travel. Hmmm...Scottish warriors, immortals with perhaps a certain resemblance to Adrian Paul. Did the '90s TV series figure into your inspiration?

Karen Marie Moning: Who doesn't love Connor and Duncan MacLeod? Writers tend to gather bits of inspiration from many places and Highlander , the movie, was undoubtedly one of them. I loved the sweeping shots of the majestic Scottish landscapes, the fierce clan loyalty and brutality, the idea of living and loving forever. "Highlander," the series, expounded on a great theme.

Q&A with Karen September 2003

Q. You graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor's degree in Society and Law. What's a nice scholar like you doing flitting from century to century following dark magic?

A. The flitting from century to century following dark magic wasn't a conscious choice. I think writers bring to the table that which fascinates them, weaving stories around those elements. Magic, history, time—in both a physics and a metaphysical sense—sex, romance, the tension of mortality, all these things fascinate me. So I write steamy, romantic time-travels with ancient artifacts and civilizations, peopled by the occasional immortal, shaped by legend and myth.


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