For most phones right click mp3 to download, then connect the phone to the computer and copy file to ringtone folder. For iPhones right click m4r and download to an iTunes folder (drag file to iTunes in a Mac), then connect the phone to iTunes, add ringtone to library and then sync ringtones.

ShadowSong Ringtones

How Much Is Your Love Going to Cost Me: mp3 m4r

Duplicitous Bitch: mp3 m4r

JZB: mp3 m4r

Just One Time: mp3 m4r

Headed For the Bottom: mp3 m4r

Alone: mp3 m4r

Apologize: mp3 m4r

Back On Top: mp3 m4r

Don't Give Up On Me: mp3 m4r

Lucky Again: mp3 m4r

Valentine: mp3 m4r


BloodRush Ringtones

Jericho Rain: mp3 m4r

Taking Back the Night: mp3 m4r

Rainbow (Live): mp3 m4r

BloodRush: mp3 m4r

Little Lamb: mp3 m4r

I Am Not Afraid: mp3 m4r

Woman Child: mp3 m4r

Unseelie Bop: mp3 m4r


Courtesy of Phil Gigante

Tone 1: Bloody Contraption: mp3 m4r

Tone 2: You Fit Me Here: mp3 m4r

Tone 3: Lips: mp3 m4r

Tone 4: Woolgathering: mp3 m4r

Tone 5: Beneath the Bed: mp3 m4r

Tone 6: Cherished: mp3 m4r

Tone 7: Heart is My Home: mp3 m4r

Tone 8: Devil Sorcery: mp3 m4r

Tone 9: Good Morrow English: mp3 m4r

Tone 10: You Know What I Want: mp3 m4r

Message: Castle Keltar: mp3 m4r


Feel the heat


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