Ever since I began writing the FEVER series, fans have been begging for a glimpse inside JZB’s head. I don’t find it a comfortable place to be.  Or maybe it’s too comfortable. Things are simple in there: there’s what you can live with, and what you won’t live without. And there’s no price too high for either.
Of all my characters, JZB is the closest to a true sociopath by the terms we define one, yet has the most impeccable system of ethics of all the personalities in the FEVER world. His ethical structure is flawless. It doesn’t contradict itself. There’s  beauty in that. Trust derives from consistency. Barrons is a consistent man. He’s also the most uncomplicatedly sexual man I’ve written.  Sex is where Barrons dumps emotion, not that he’d ever let you see it, but it’s there in his hands on your skin and it’s why sex with him is so good. Remote and controlled out of bed, he’s pure passion in it. 
Last year, JZB was nominated for an Alpha Male contest and I have absolutely no clue why I said that if he won, I’d write a sex scene from his point of view. None.  I think I must have been temporarily possessed by V’lane who was pissed off that he wasn’t in the contest, and hoped I’d screw it up and make Barrons look less awesome and hot and epic than he is.
Once I shared the scene via my Facebook page, I began getting deluged with emails asking me to ask my audiobook narrators, Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross (Dreamfever, Shadowfever) to professionally record it. Ever interested in obliging the fans--especially if it means I get to hear Barrons having sex!-- I approached them about it. They have very busy schedules, but were finally able to clear time to go into the studio together and get it done.  
The Alpha Alternative download includes a scorching hot 30-minute audio recording of the sex scene I wrote from Jericho Barrons' point of view, plus a PDF download of the text for your eReaders and computers. Because there were significant costs involved in putting this together, that range from studio time, to narrator fees, ecommerce fees, website fees, bank fees, blah-blah, I must charge for it. I give away a great deal for free but when it takes time, labor and money to make something available, I have to charge, or I won't be able to continue doing similar things in the future.  The response will set the tone.  If people are respectful of copyright, and this is profitable financially, I'll keep trying new things. If the work is pirated, I won't. 
Email me and let me know what you think. Phil and Natalie totally nailed the scene! Not much makes me squirm.  This did :)


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The Alpha Alternative
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