Shadowsong Soundtrack

Shadowsong contains a dozen new songs and a sexy 24 page full-color booklet that includes a deleted scene from Shadowfever, and a song written by KMM. Guest vocalists include actor and audio book narrator Phil Gigante as JZB, and on "Lucky Again," and actress and audio book narrator Natalie Ross as the voices of Mac and Alina on the Mercy set.

From the heart-wrenching "Alone" to the hard rocking "Duplicitous Bitch" to the erotic and twisted "Valentine" the CD captures the scenes, passion and emotions of Mac and the Fever World.

Although not every song coincides with a specific moment in the book, many do. "Alone" is meant to be listened to as you begin reading Shadowfever.

"Lucky Again" is a nod to the Keltar's appearance in Shadowfever. They got drunk one night and sang down the walls of an Irish pub. Picture Dageus, Drustan and Cian singing to Chloe, Gwen and Jessi.

"Mercy I" goes back a little to a phone call you never got to hear Mac make.

"Valentine" is a new twist on an old tradition. Blood is the new chocolate at Chester’s.

"Just One Time," "Headed for the Bottom," "Don’t Give Up On Me," and "Duplicitous Bitch" all do have a specific moment in the book but we think it’s more fun if you find those moments yourself. Email Karen and tell us what you think.

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Artist: Neil Dover

Includes a beautiful 24-page booklet full of beautiful Fever World imagery, a sexy deleted scene from Shadowfever, and much, much more!

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